The following families have genealogy eBooks on this page: Ashley, Crowe, Ferguson, Fergusson, Grigsby, Harding, Marriam, Mather, Scheele, Scruggs, Wood. Blue indicates softcover editions are available.

Ashley Family History and Genealogy

Ashley Family History and Genealogy. PDF ebook English 1.44 MB 1896. This publication contains Ashley family descendants, ranging from the year 1638 to 1896. There are rare photographs of ancestors, homestead's, and monuments along with a 54 page index containing more than 1500 direct descendents. The coat of arms with details accompany the eight generations included in this book. A useful and entertaining resource for the Ashley family historian! Price $6.95 USD.

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Ferguson Family History and Genealogy

Ferguson Family History and Genealogy 1905. PDF eBook English 11.4 MB. 1905 M.L. Ferguson. In this publication the extensive history and family legend in Scotland extends back to the year 500 A.D. with over 75 rare ancestral photographs, etchings, illustrations, and the family tartan in color. There are 6 generations listed in America with names and dates ranging from the year 1677 to 1905. A wonderful reference for anyone interested in Ferguson family history.  Price $6.95 USD.

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Grigsby Family History and Genealogy

Grigsby Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 990 KB 11p. 1878 . Filled with details of early Grigsby colonial life this publication spans the years from 1720 up to 1877. The family immigrated about 1660 from England although oral tradition has it that the ancestors came from Wales. An excellent resource for the Grigsby family historian with information that may not be found elsewhere! Price $6.95 USD

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Mather Family History and Genealogy

Mather Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 3.74 MB. 1848 John Mather. The Mather Family Coat of Arms was granted by the English Crown on February 11, 1575. This publication contains 9 generations that span the period from 1596 to 1847 with engaging short stories of family adventures. This is an essential reference for Mather family history! Price $6.95 USD.

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Scheele Family History and Genealogy

Scheele Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 4.2 MB. 2012. The Scheele family originates from the Hanover, Germany region along the Leine River, and this includes the region extending northeast to Celle on the Aller River. Johann August Wilheim Scheele was born around the year 1800 just prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Five generations of his descendants are documented in this family history covering the period from 1800 to 1925. The focus is on those who immigrated to the U.S.A. to seek their fortunes during the 1800s and eventually settled in the State of Michigan. An excellent referenced resource for the Scheele family genealogist! Price $9.95 USD

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Crowe Family History and Genealogy

Crowe Family History and Genealogy. PDF ebook English 5.07 MB 1903. Crowe family legend dates back to the year 1254 in this publication, along with 10 generations of documented descendents for the years 1681 up to 1903. There are a few photographs, one of a monument and a few family documents that contain hand written history. Information regarding the name change in the 3rd generation for some descendents from Crowe to Crowell is discussed. This is an excellent resource for members of the Crow, Crowe, Crowell, and Croell families. Price $6.95 USD.

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Fergusson Family History and Genealogy

Fergusson Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 40.1 MB 1895 R. M. Fergusson. An in-depth history of the ancient clan Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus. This also includes modern day names and dates from 1450 to 1894, numerous color crests of various affiliated clans, poetry from Fergus Filidh also known as Fergus the Bard, numerous rare ancestral photographs, and a 43 page index of descendants and in-laws. An essential resource of this great historical clan! Price $6.95 USD.

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Harding Family History and Genealogy

Harding Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 2.46 MB 1908 49p. The Harding’s settled in the eastern county of Beaufort in North Carolina during the American colonial period. Family legend is that the forefathers set sail to the New World with Sir Robert Gorges in 1623. This publication spans the years from 1781 to 1907 providing names and dates of those early pilgrim descendants. A great piece of Harding family history! Price $6.95 USD

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Merriam Family History and Genealogy

Merriam Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 22.4.0 MB. 1906.  Here is an extraordinary reference that documents the time period from 1598 to 1905 with early legends and memoranda dating back to the year 1295 of the Merriam family. There are rare family photographs, illustrations, charts, brief biographies, and an index of over 3600 names covering 10 generations. Price $6.95 USD.

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Scruggs Family History and Genealogy

Scruggs Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 7.42 MB 1912 225p. It is written here  that Thomas Scruggs was aboard the Abigail that set sail from Weymouth, England, to Salem, Massachusetts on September 6th of 1628. The legend is that the family lived in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, England. Spanning the years from 1628 up to 1911 this is a great family resource that mentions how the family’s colonial antinomian sentiments were disapproved and denounced by certain members of the community during the Salem witch trials. Price $6.95 USD

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Wood Family History and Genealogy

Wood Family History and Genealogy. PDF ebook English 3.09 MB 1903. This publication is set up as family groups, which cover the years from 1777 through 1903. Not only are descendents listed of Abinah Wood and Susannah Humphreys, but also many in-laws. These include the surnames of the McGinnis, Suter, Sprague, Strickler, Shaffer and several others. This is an excellent resource for the family groups of members of the Wood family that had spread out across North America through the 1800s. Price $6.95 USD.

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