This page features genealogy with roots originating in Ireland and Scotland. 

The following family surnames have genealogy eBooks on this page: Duncan 1905, Ferguson 1895, Fergusson 1905, Mahaffey 2009, McFarland 1913, McKinstry 1858, O'Conner 1914, O'Meagher 1890, Stewart 1865.

"The case is never closed on a genealogical conclusion". - Elizabeth Shown Mills


Duncan and Gibson Family History and Genealogy

Duncan and Gibson Family History and Genealogy or The Duncan and Gibson Families. PDF eBook English 1.80 MB 1905. The eBook discusses the legend of the family name dating back to 1040 A.D. with many references to family members in the 1400’s. Short biographies of descendants listed range from the period 1630 to 1903! Over 270 years! Also includes short biographies of in-laws in the Andrews, Coe, and Smith families. A wonderful reference for the family genealogist! Price $6.95 USD.

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Fergusson Family History and Genealogy

Fergusson Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 40.1 MB 1895 R. M. Fergusson. An in-depth history of the ancient clan Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus. This also includes modern day names and dates from 1450 to 1894, numerous color crests of various affiliated clans, poetry from Fergus Filidh also known as Fergus the Bard, numerous rare ancestral photographs, and a 43 page index of descendants and in-laws. An essential resource of this great historical clan! Price $6.95 USD.

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McKinstry Family History and Genealogy

McKinstry Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 1.63 MB 1858. An extraordinary history of the family originating in Edinburgh Scotland then immigrating to Northern Ireland in 1669. Immigration spread across the Atlantic to the American Colonies with family members moving on to California likely for the gold rush in 1849! Essential dates cover descendants from the year 1669 up to 1857! The book was written prior to the War Between the States! A wonderful reference for any family member interested in McKinstry genealogy! Price $6.95 USD.

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O'Conner Family History and Genealogy

O’Conner Family History and Genealogy or the O’Conner Family. PDF eBook English 1.65 MB. 1914. A fascinating oral tradition regarding the roots of the O’Conner Clan in Ireland is now documented in this eBook, which covers the years from 1181 to 1641. Being born in Ireland, about the year 1756, it is Mathias O’Conner who is the first adventurer who crosses the Atlantic to the American Colonies. Aye, then the genealogy of 5 additional generations are referenced that extend from 1756 to 1914 of O’Conner descendants! A keen resource for the family genealogist! Price $6.95 USD.

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Ferguson Family History and Genealogy

Ferguson Family History and Genealogy 1905. PDF eBook English 11.4 MB. 1905 M.L. Ferguson. In this publication the extensive history and family legend in Scotland extends back to the year 500 A.D. with over 75 rare ancestral photographs, etchings, illustrations, and the family tartan in color. There are 6 generations listed in America with names and dates ranging from the year 1677 to 1905. A wonderful reference for anyone interested in Ferguson family history.  Price $6.95 USD.

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Mahaffey Family History and Genealogy

Mahaffey Family History and Genealogy. PDF eBook English 15.6MB. 2009. The Clan Mahaffey originally came from Scotland, and migrated over to Northern Ireland along with thousands of others from their Scottish homeland. Aye, then comes the tale of Charles Mahaffey, progenitor of the Cumberland Valley Mahaffeys, who immigrated from Northern Ireland to New England prior to June of 1753.  His descendants were pioneers who bravely carved out their homes in the frontier of Ohio, and in the thick woods of the Northwest Territory, which became the State of Michigan. Family lore back to the year 1600 with numerous rare ancestral photographs. Thousands of Mahaffey ancestors listed! A great source of Mahaffey history for the family genealogist! Price $9.95 USD.

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McFarland Kilgore Family History and Genealogy

McFarland Family History and Genealogy or The book of the generations of William McFarland and Nancy Kilgore. PDF eBook English 5.74 MB. 1913. The family legend of the Clan McFarland is well referenced with an excellent history describing the Scottish highlands in ancient days. More than 300 names are chronicled, and a family genealogy is provided for both the McFarland and Kilgore lines. Over 172 in-law surnames are also revealed in this excellent family reference! Price $6.95 USD. 

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O'Meagher Family History and Genealogy

O’Meagher Family History and Genealogy or Some Historical Notices of the O’Meagers of Ikerrin, Ireland. PDF eBook English 17.8 MB. 1890. The history of the O’Meagher Sept from the 3rd century, A.D.; the times of St. Patrick, St. Columba, and St. Machar; through the Danes, Normans and Saxons; the wars of the Confederation and of O’Neill; their military services in Europe through the ages, and in the American New World!  The pedigree in the Royal Irish Academy was compiled in 1664. The text is very readable, but the illustrations have faded with time on the acid based paper of the hard bound publication. A 10 page index of nearly a thousand names, with lineage back to Oiliol Olum King of Munster from 212-234 A.D. An abundance of information for anyone with the O’Meagher family name anywhere in the world! Price $6.95 USD.

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Stewart Family History and Genealogy

Stewart Family History and Genealogy or The Stewarts of Ballintoy. PDF eBook English 4.40 MB. 1865. The Stewart Family legend dates back to the year 1050 along the Northern Irish coast in the County of Antrim. This delightful family history includes details on the duties and taxes paid to the Crown in the early 1700s by family members. Although some of the pages of the book are faded with time, they are still readable and provide essential family genealogy for the years 1662 to about 1759. Price $6.95 USD.

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