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The Ancestor Catalog - A Leader in Genealogy eBooks!
Family trees for the Stewart Family, Davis Family, Jackson Family, Johnstone Family and many many more! 


Frequently our publications contain direct or indirect evidence pointing to geographical locations of family origins in other countries. This may give fresh insight to family heritage although the publication was compiled by a descendant living in a country other than that of the actual kindred origin.

Bookshelf 1: Smith-Kentucky, Ames, Woodworth, Wedge, Greuber, Liddy, Whitehead, Dubrish, Sands, Mahaffey, Bohy, Pioneer Recipes, Holmes, Jenkinson, Striebich.

Bookshelf 2: Adams, Adam, Hiester, Whitmore, Carter, Gifford, Hicks, Higgins, Mark, McFarland, Mickley, Wharton, Sargent, Selleck, Westhafer, Wilcott.

Bookshelf 3: Cavendish, Wheeler, Freeman, Estabrook, Chapin, Blackstone, Fiechter, Duncan, Hunting, Birkbeck, Santee, Bolles, Todd, Deserted Village, O'Conner, Eby, Wheat, Tenny.

Bookshelf 4: Boarman, Bradford & Waters, Brinton, Bromwell, Burbeen, Call, Chatfield, Clarke, Davenport, Dodge, Fenno, Frost, Smythies, Talmage, Washburn, and Weekes.

Bookshelf 5: Aspinwall, Bramhall, Clay, Coler, Conkling, Garling, Hinds, Hord, Jackson, Lamb, Lawrence, Sigourney, Stone, Stone II, Wells, and Wynkoop.

Bookshelf 6: Burley, Carteret-Bryant, Cushing, Davis, Farnham, Fenner, Hess-Higbee, Kennan, Kirk, Morey, Sarchet, Sheldon, Stackpole, Walworth and Wentworth.

Bookshelf 7: Allen, Bethune, Brockman-Dean, Byrd, Chipman, Davison, Mifflin, Morris, Pond, Potter, Thrasher, Tinker, Turnley, Van Hoosear, Waldron, and Woodworth.

Bookshelf 8: Baer, Brubacher, Burroughs, Current-Hobson, Donald, French, Gillson-Jillson, Goding, Jaquett, Mower, Richardson, Soverhill, Spencer, Surdam, Thompson, and Tracy.

Bookshelf 9: Banges, Bard, Bradley, Cary, Dexter, Hildreth, Jodrell, O'Meagher, Seaton, Shields, Thacher, Thistlethwaite, and Way.

Bookshelf 10: Grazebrook, Hall, Hamlin, Heydon, Hilligoss, Lloyd, Moffat, Ogden-Preston, Powell, Pritchard, Stepney, Temple, Townsend, Van Dyke, Viets, and Watson.

Bookshelf 11: Ellis, Fenton, Fleming, Fuller, Gilman, Kenny, Beard-Loveland, Massey, Paul, Shaum, Slade, Thomas, Uhler, Willoughby, Wilmer, and Woodley.

Bookshelf 12: Coffin, Comins, Crehore, Dewey, Dresser, Eldred Eldridge, Hitchcock, Keese, Mesier, Patten, Peirce, Rainborowe, Russell, Thompson-Given, and Waite.

Bookshelf 13: Biddle, Bishop, Buck, Downing, Fish, Johnson, Robards, Sanders, Shirk, Skillings, Stratton, Tisdale, Upson, VanderSloot, Vreeland, and Yardley.

Bookshelf 14: Coleman, Day, Deacon, Green, Old, Pardee, Proctor, Shimer, Sprague, Stanford, Stevens Stephens, Stimpson, Sturges, Tripp, and Warren.

Bookshelf 15: Barber, Carpenter, Drummond, Edwards, Eliot, Fogg or Fogge, Gardiner, Hale, Kingsbury, Light, Meyer, Normandieu, Oldfather, Ricks, and Shepherd.

Bookshelf 16: Andrews, Baker, Bear, Carney, Draper, Fisher, Green, Howard, McKean, Nutting, Pope, Prince, Reber, Shinkle, and Sutcliffe.

Bookshelf 17: Andrews 1530, Baker, Bayne, Chase, Dimock, Ewing, Fletcher, Gale, Hepburn, Knauss, Lichtenwalner, Northend, Odlin, Parthemore, Purmort, and Schenck.

Bookshelf 18: Barksdale, Currier, Folsom, Garland, Geer, Grow, Ingalls, Luther, Marshall, Mell, Parlin, Plimpton, Powell Book 2, Spencer Book 2, Starling and Umstead.

Bookshelf 19: Bearse, Brainerd, Brailey, Breakenridge, Brewster, Buford, Chandler, Chisholm, Colcord, Collamer, Connet, Emmerton, Fouse, and Gemmill.

Bookshelf 20: Forbes, Fussell, Gimm, Hickman, Lasher, Mihills-Moffatt, Moyer, Page, Pawling, Peters, Plumer, Rand, Sater, Tilley, Van Brant, and Whitebread.

Bookshelf 21: Appleton, Barry, Carver, Dickey, Dodson, Ferris, Fox, Goddard, Gurley, Hooper, Jones, Latimer, Liddle, Mann, and Martin.

Bookshelf 22: Bird, Chambers, Cornish, Derby-Darby, Dare, Dart, Forman, Griffing, Heinecke-Vandersaal, Houghton, Lenher, Merrill, Mesick, Orendorff, Scammon, Shethar.

Bookshelf 23: Bass, Binney, Bretz, Corey, Corwin, Countryman, De Camp, DeLano, Fowler, Gallenmore, Hood, Lambert, Larcom, Lefferts, Smith 1684, Vilas.

Bookshelf 24: Bloss, Booth, Bowman, Breck, Butler, Chapin, Cleveland, Dutton, Hart, Ludwig, Oliver, Preston, Reynolds, Smith-Baker 1789, Stockton, Ward.

Bookshelf 25: Aborn, Allerton, Babbitt, Belding, Coates, Coolridge, Faxon, Fulham, Haverfield, Henry, Jepson, Koiner, Mead, Munroe, Willcomb, Wyer.

Bookshelf 26: Britton, Brush-Bowers, Burgner, Copeland, Decatur, DeVeaux, Elers, Emmons, Goodhue, Munsey-Hopkins, Pringle, Rogers, Spotswood, Steele, Talley, Towner.

Bookshelf 27: Bontecou, Cohan, Daniell, Fitch, Keyes, Guild, Handerson, Johnstone, Rulison, Searle, Steiner, Talbot, Tyler, Tyson, Weber, Wickware, Williams, Wyman.

Bookshelf 28: Augur, Barrett, Bridgman, Callender, Hassard, Marsh, Newkirk, Parke, Phelps, Roberts, Robertson, Ruggles, Rumph, Stoddard, Sill, and Swartley.

Bookshelf 29: Ashley, Crowe, Ferguson, Fergusson, Grigsby, Harding, Marriam, Mather, Scheele, Scruggs, Wood.