About Us

Our mission is to provide global family members an easy method to identify and obtain the known published genealogy of their common ancestors. This is essential for cultural heritage, educational purposes, and more importantly genealogy is becoming a growing necessity for medical inquiry to help identify genetic diseases that may be prevented or cured before birth. Likewise, after doing DNA testing from 23 and Me, Ancestory, or other such companies there is an opportunity to provide the scientific community your documented genealogy to assist DNA science, and linking geographic areas with results from your very own DNA samples.

Each publication contains the necessary information for proper documentation and formal citations required for researchers source notes. 
Hawkeyes Trading Post will create an ebook cover where none exist, minimize blank pages to save file space on computers or reading tablets, summarize contents of all books, and provide a generic title as necessary to help focus genealogical research.

Rare Download Problems
On rare occasions there may be an issue with our database provider. Contact us immediately at the email address below if you encounter any problems with your download. We monitor our email on a daily basis 365 days a year.

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