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Liddy Family History and Genealogy by Douglas M. Dubrish

Liddy Family History and Genealogy

If you are a Liddy, and your descendants are from Michigan, this book is for you! John W. Liddy is the Americanization of Johann Ulrich Luetty who was likely born in Switzerland in 1821. When he was 32 years old he married Amanda Kemp on June 17 of 1853 in Wells County, Indiana. Amanda was born May 29th of 1832 in Clark County, Ohio to Salomon and Magdalena (nee Baker) Kemp. They had 5 sons, and several daughters. Their son Joel Liddy was born in 1860, and he had 2 sons and several daughters. Descendants spread through the Midwest states of Michigan and Indiana. Numerous pictures, and historical family documents.