Christianity and Reincarnation by Douglas M. Dubrish


In the Western world reincarnation is scoffed at. Yet, for the first 400 years of Christianity the Doctrine of Reincarnation was a solid principle taught by the Church. Where would a solid principle taught by the Church come from? Naturally, it was taught be Jesus to his Apostles. This teaching was formally removed from Christianity in 543 A.D. as Origen a Church Leader of Alexandria was declared a heretic by the Roman Emperor Justianian, and he along with other Christian Churches were excommunicated for teaching the Doctrine of Reincarnation. Politics were involoved. We learn through the translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls (found in 1947), and the Hag Hammadi Library (found in 1945), about the Essene Community, and that Jesus and his family were Nazarenes - a branch of the Essene Jewish Community. The Essene doctrine taught reincarnation. Catholic monks hand copied the Bibles over the centuries and omitted almost all references to reincarnation beginning in the year 543. When martin Luther, a Catholic Priest ordained in 1507, broke away from the church in 1517 the protest began and continues to this day - as Protestant religions. If you are a Baptist, Congregationalist, Methodist, Lutheran or another Christian denomination you are likely using a King James Bible whose roots go back to the Catholic monks hand copying - and the monks omitted whatever they were told by church officials that was in the "best interest" of the church. These pages explain that missing part of the gospel and the lost years of Jesus.

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