Douglas M. Dubrish was raised along the shores of Sylvan Lake in Oakland County, Michigan. Doug "Hawkeye" Dubrish learned to enjoy the great outdoors with many hunting and fishing adventures thanks to his woodsman neighbor "Spike" Adair. Doug enlisted in the United States Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller (1971-1975) and obtained the nickname "Hawkeye". He then continued in government service with the Department of Commerce, NOAA, National Weather Service to finish 25 years of service. He received the Department of Commerce Commendable Service award 4 times during this period, and authored several publications. Being employed by the Federal Government allowed for travels from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Key West, Florida, with assignments in Mississippi, West Virginia, Texas, and Michigan. With a focus in global Business Administration, he graduated "cum laude" with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from The University of New York Excelsior College in 2008. He also completed the Organizational Management Program at St. Mary's College in Union Lake, Michigan. His memberships have included National Trust for Historic Preservation, American Historical Association, Fayette-Raleigh County Genealogical Society, and the Waterford Genealogy Society. He is listed among authors in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. 


Among his publications are: Dubrish Family Ancestry (1984), Hurricanes of the Lower and Middle Florida Keys (1985), Florida Keys Weather History (1987), Pioneer America - Recipes and Herbs from the 1800s (1988), Jenkinson Family History and Genealogy (2000), Whitehead Family Heritage 1739 - 1939 (2002), Striebich Family History and Genealogy (2004), Bohy Family History and Genealogy (2005), Holmes Family in America - Since the Plymouth Colony 1692 (2006), Liddy Family History and Genealogy (2006), the Alzheimer's Memory Book - A Caregivers Guide (2008), Woodworth Family History and Genealogy (2009),  Ames Family History and Genealogy (2009), Mahaffey Family History and Genealogy (2009), Greuber Family History and Genealogy (2009), Wedge Family History and Genealogy (2010), Sands Family History and Genealogy (2009),  Scheele family History and Genealogy (2012), Death and Back - Where did I go? (2020), Our House Ghost - Selected Paranormal Incidents (2020), the Smith Family History and Genealogy - Kentucky Pioneers (2020), and Bays Family History and Genealogy (2021).


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