In July of 1957 I had a death encounter, this changed my life. Only...I didn't know at the time that it changed my life. You see, I was only 4 years old. Yet, I remember the day clearly. In the silence and darkness of my death a comforting deep baritone voice said:

                                                      "It's not your time."

I'm writing this book for other NDE'rs and researchers, because I know that there are a lot of questions about a number of things. This book will help you answer those questions and provide food for thought. For over 40 years I have researched, and I do believe that this book will be extremely helpful in answering your many questions. This is my story. Now that I'm 67 years old, it's time to tell my experience.



Over the years I've come to learn that many people have had a death experience and they remain silent about it for one good reason or another. The main reason, I believe, is the ridicule from friends and family, and the worry that any disclosure might just prevent any advancement in a professional career. Another reason is that some people having a near death experience have a profound character change and want to share their experience with anyone passing by - which at times - might come across as some form of schizophrenia when viewing their mannerisms and rhetoric by non-NDE'rs. Certainly, no one wants to be associated with any kind of psychotic disorder. Yes, those are several good reasons for a person to remain silent who had a near death experience. It is not a psychotic disorder, it is not a hallucination, and it is an experience that everyone will someday share.

There are many questions that NDE'rs have about their experience. After over 40 years of research I have found many of the answers to those questions, and present the answers in my book. I too had a near death experience. The book is written for other NDE'rs (and researchers) to acclimate themselves to a new mindset -after a life changing experience.

You are not alone in what happened. Keep in mind that all over the world, as you are reading these words, people are having a near death experience. All religions, all cultures, all races, all languages, in the jungles of New Guinea to the streets of Paris, people are experiencing "the change". They too are catching a glimpse at what you and I already know. But, there are many questions. And, the main one is: Where did I go?

I'm certain you will find this book very helpful as you move forward with your life. You will come to know that the feelings and questions you have are actually shared by many people.


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