First, let me say that I have read OLD reviews on 23andMe and they are no longer valid. The science of DNA research is expanding rapidly, and can provide more and more to the customer each day. 23andMe is doing just that!
When you sign up with 23andMe you receive the tube in the mail that you fill and return to them. Everyone pretty much knows that. But there are other noteable things you will learn after that, and those things are why I support 23andMe.
You will receive a lot of information. And, for me, I like the idea that you can download the RAW DATA from 23andMe to a file, and save it on your own computer. You can then use this RAW DATA to have another analysis compiled FREE from "another company" and compare the two results... one from 23andMe and the other from "Company A". Remarkably, when I did this the results were identical and even expanded a little here and there. Afterall, your DNA is not about to change overnight. It's yours and you will have the actual DNA RAW DATA yourself... to use as you see fit.
Also, if you have compiled extensive genealogy, like myself, you can compare this with the regions that 23andMe provide. Guess what? They match up!
The Vikings landed in Scotland, and my documented genealogy takes me back to old Scotland. And, now I have confirmed through DNA that I need to explore the family line into Finland. Yes, Viking DNA.
So click on the 23andMe links located on this page... and check it out yourself. There are many exciting journeys into your ancestors lives. You will be glad that you did!

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